Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Still awake

hi all! i've finally found a job. it ain't cool like yours haha but who on earth cares? i'm just feeling like to keep some money and at the same time, just to make myself busy other than sitting in my room doing nothing and eat like there's no tomorrow. haha. i'm currently working at arill's mom's shop, my mom's chicken rice shop, tesco ampang. the job is quite tiring, joke i lied. it's too tiring k. i just got back from working, so i think i have no enough strength to stay awake till late night. or i'm currently waking up in the midnight eh? it's already 1.22am so, you do the answer lol.

i think imma just sleep now. i've gotta wake up early in the morning tomorrow. at 10am, fewh i hope tomorrow is gonna be one of my good days. have a good day!

love heart,
didie johan <3

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